14 Day Kimberley Discovery


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  • All meals for the duration of the cruise

  • All non-alcoholic drinks

  • All off-vessel excursions

  • Fishing and sightseeing excursions including use of equipment

  • Pre/post cruise transfers 

Optional Extras
  • BYO Alcohol

  • Use of satellite phone and internet

  • Scenic helicopter flights

  • Traditional Owner Visitor Pass fees


Flybridge Ensuite

$11,900 PP

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Statesman Double

$11,500 PP

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Mid-Deck Twin

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14 March 2022 - 27 March 2022

Broome to Wyndham

Sold Out

14 March 2022 - 27 March 2022

Broome to Wyndham

Sold Out

28 March 2022 - 10 April 2022

Wyndham to Broome

Cabins Available 

13 April 2022 - 26 April 2022

Broome to Wyndham

Sold Out

27 April 2022 - 10 May 2022

Wyndham to Broome

Cabins Available 

13 May 2022 - 26 May 2022

Broome to Wyndham

Cabins Available 

Taking bookings 2023

Wyndham to Broome

Cabins Available


Day 1

Guests are collected at approximately 4.30pm from their accommodation venue. Once on board, you will have the opportunity to meet the other guests and crew, be shown your accommodation and taken through our safety procedures. Whilst the skipper steams out of Broome, relax with a drink and nibbles overlooking a view of the famous cable beach, the gateway to the Kimberley.

Day 4

Depart Red Cone Creek early in the day and enjoy a short steam to nearby Montgomery Reef. MV Diversity will drop anchor in a channel carved out of the reef by the tidal activity over millions of years. Once anchored watch the wonder of the reef rising out of the ocean and the water cascading into the channel. Guests will then have the choice to fish the run-offs or just take the opportunity to photograph a special part of the Kimberley.

Day 7

Once guests have enjoyed breakfast, they will have the opportunity to fish the river for Fingermark Broome and Mangrove Jack. Guests can leisurely explore the Aboriginal Art work of the area. On the high tide the crew takes the tenders up to Camp Creek to enjoy a freshwater swim and the waterfall. MV Diversity will catch the outgoing tide and anchor at Careening Bay. 

Day 10

Wake up in another magic location, the Mitchell River; one of the best spots to find that elusive Barramundi. After the morning fish, enjoy the cooling waters at Surveyor’s Pool. Mud crabs are on the menu for lunch as we steam out into Vansittart Bay for the night

Day 13

Enjoy breakfast on the way up the Berkeley River as the landscape changes before you. Grab your rod and steam to the head of the river where the fresh water pours over the rock bars, a prime spot for Barramundi. Back to Diversity for lunch before we move the boat further down the river. The afternoon will be lazy, enjoying a glass of bubbles in a fresh water swimming hole, before returning to the boat for dinner. Final dinner on the anchor before Diversity heads to Wyndham.

Day 2

Wake up to the delights of Yampi Sound. Start your day with breakfast, then depending on tide, board one of our custom built tenders to collect black lip oysters, or fish the headlands or creeks. Lunch will be served while the MV Diversity II moves through the Koolan channel. We will continue via Dugong Bay into Talbot Bay where you can experience the thrill of the amazing Horizontal Falls. After enjoying a sumptuous evening meal the MV Diversity II will steam to its nights and enjoy a restful night under the Kimberley night sky.

Day 5

Wake up to Deception bay on the low tide where guests will have the opportunity to fish and gather some Black Tip Kimberley Oysters. Once the tide has risen, the crew will escort guests for a refreshing swim at one of the many fresh water swimming holes. MV Diversity then departs Deception bay steaming north to the mighty Prince Regent River.

Day 8

Guests will go to shore to view the Mermaid Tree and learn about the rich history of the area. MV Diversity will then steam to the Hunter River to Perosis Creek, for the option to fish or explore the surrounding areas. Guests celebrate their final night with a beach bonfire on Naturalists Island before enjoying dinner back on board

Day 11

Revel in the history of the Bradshaw art that covers Vansittart bay. With an abundance of Bluewater fishing options, here is one of the best spots to get some fresh sashimi for our chef to prepare. After lunch, we will explore a plane wreck of the DC-3 from WW II. Back on-board Diversity II we travel around the cape to the jaw dropping King George river.

Day 14

Change of scenery as we wake up in Wyndham. Breakfast on board and final good byes as your bus greets you at the jetty for a 9 am departure to Kununurra. 

Day 3

Awaken to the aroma of fresh coffee and breakfast being prepared. Once you are energized, MV Diversity II’s crew will land you on the beach and escort you to view the gallery of Aboriginal Art that tells a visual story of an ancient race of water people that lived in the area thousands of years ago. On your descent, stop and enjoy the view across the water. Once back on board it’s a short steam into Doubtful Bay where you spend the day pursuing your choice of activities fishing, mud crabbing or exploring the many fresh water swimming holes the Kimberley keeps secret.

Day 6

Wake up in the St George Basin and take the tenders up Spit Fire Creek for the opportunity to catch the prized Barramundi. Once the tide has risen we steam up to Kings Cascade where the skipper manoeuvres the boat under the powerful Kings Cascade waterfall. Guests will have the opportunity to swim and hike the surrounding areas. MV Diversity steams back to Camp Creek for the night.

Day 9

Explore the art on Biggie Island and enjoy a salt water swim, with the option to pick some oysters and do some blue water fishing, before steaming down into the mighty Mitchell river for dinner.

Day 12

Wake up and enjoy breakfast as we travel up the King George river. Truly the diamond in the crown of the Kimberley. Feel the true power of the falls As we place the bow of diversity under the 84m high water falls. Enjoy a walk up to the top of the falls followed by a light dip. After lunch have a swim in the beautiful King George Crack, and head out the front for some awesome Bluewater fishing.