13 Night Kimberley Classic


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  • BYO Alcohol

  • Use of satellite phone and internet

  • Scenic helicopter flights

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Panoramic View Stateroom

$21,930 PP

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$19,635 PP

Horizon View Stateroom

$19,635 PP


08 May 2021 - 21 May 2021

Broome to Wyndham

Fully Booked

05 June 2021 - 18 June 2021

Broome to Wyndham

Fully Booked

19 June 2021 - 02 July 2021

Wyndham to Broome

Fully Booked


Day 1

Your Kimberley cruise classic adventure will begin at approximately 5:30pm with a warm welcome aboard your vessel. Once underway the crew will treat you to your first delicious dinner  as we cruise up the coast towards the Dampier Archipelago.

Day 4

Doubtful Bay offers an impressive array of adventure activities, from fishing at 3-Ways to swimming under waterfalls and in gorgeous waterholes. We can then cruise down the spectacular Sale River for a barbeque lunch under a gloriously green rainforest canopy.

Day 7

We’ll spend the morning fishing and explore the surrounding tributaries, before anchoring right next to the cascading waterfall. At the top of the falls, you can swim in a multitude of crystal clear freshwater pools and frolic beneath the magical waterfalls which feed them. The evening will be spent cruising out of the river to the delightful Careening Bay.

Day 8

This is a huge, open estuary-type river, which is ideal for hunting the elusive Barramundi, one of the world’s great fishing challenges and eating delights. After lunch we’ll indulge in a freshwater swim in Surveyors Creek or take a helicopter flight over the Mitchell Plateau to the amazing Mitchell Falls. We’ll depart at sunset for Vansittart Bay.

Day 11

The Berkeley River is a spectacular river system that offers a wide variety of adventure activities, as well as a number of freshwater creeks that will give us a few tempting options for walking and swimming. In the afternoon, we’ll cruise back down the river and anchor just beyond the mouth to fully appreciate the splendour of the late afternoon colours.

Day 2

On your first full day aboard the boat, we’ll cruise across the vast King Sound to Yampi Sound. Tide permitting, you can collect some legendary Kimberley Rock Oysters for the evening entrée. Then it’s onto your first freshwater swim under an awe-inspiring waterfall. Back onboard, we’ll relax and enjoy the afternoon cruise through the Koolan Island Gap, weaving past many little islands on our way to Dugong Bay.

Day 5

The unique tidal flows of Montgomery Reef are a sight to behold as we take an early morning cruise along this unique reef structure. Your crew will relate the incredible history of the area while we search for grazing turtles, roving sharks and the odd dugong. You’ll then have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view the reef from the air thanks to our onboard helicopter. The afternoon will be spent around Langii, where we can see the ‘Petrified Warriors’ and swim in crystal clear waters.

Day 9

An early morning beach expedition will have you viewing the ancient Boab Tree. It’s this tree that the crew of the Mermaid carved their vessel’s name into when they ran aground in 1820. We’ll then make our way to the picturesque Hunter River, its sandstone cliffs and ancient rainforests making this a seemingly endless stretch of scenic heaven.

Day 12

We’ll start the morning with a quick fish before cruising to the beach for a swim. We’ll then trek over to view the mysterious and famous Bradshaw galleries. After lunch we’ll journey further down the cove to explore an old DC3, which crashed near Truscott airbase at the end of World War II. The evening will be spent cruising around Cape Londonderry to the magnificent King George River.

Day 14

Transfers to either your accommodation or to the airport can be arranged as you disembark at Wyndham Port.

Day 3

We’ll start the day with a picturesque walk through a rainforest trail to a beautiful rock pool for a refreshing swim. You’ll also have the opportunity to see the famous Horizontal Waterfalls from the air, before we take a scenic cruise through the Kingfisher Islands to Doubtful Bay. Here you’ll discover an ancient Aboriginal art gallery perched high on the side of Raft Point.

Day 6

We’ll start this day with a visit to Camden Harbour and Sheep Island, the first attempted European settlement in the Kimberley. You’ll marvel at the scenery as we cruise through Port George and Treachery Passage to Saint George’s basin. Your crew will point out major Kimberley features such as Mount Trafalgar and Mount Waterloo as we enter the Prince Regent River. After lunch we’ll head up Camp Creek for a quick trek to swim at the base of another wonderful waterfall.

Day 10

We’ll leave the boat and go ashore on Bigge Island to view a fascinating Aboriginal art gallery. You’ll then be able to stretch your legs on the white sandy beach or cool off with a swim, before we have lunch while cruising around Cape Voltaire toward the mighty Mitchell River.

Day 13

Your backdrop for breakfast will be awesome cathedral-like gorges as we cruise up the magnificent King George River. You’ll spend today trekking, exploring and drinking in the fantastic scenery this river has to offer in overwhelming abundance. The iconic twin King George Falls are a highlight not just of the day but of the entire Kimberley Coast, and you can experience them right from the bow of the boat.