Rowley Shoals


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30 September - 6 October 2022

Rowley Shoals

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08 October  - 14 October 2022

Rowley Shoals



Rowley Shoals

The Rowley Shoals are located approximately 260 kilometres (170 nautical miles) westnorth-west off the coast of Broome. Consisting of a chain of three coral atolls, the Rowley Shoals lie along the edge of one of the widest continental shelves in the world. The three atolls are Clerke, Imperieuse and Mermaid Reefs and are very similar to each other in shape, dimension and orientation. The three atolls have shallow lagoons that have an abundance of marine life and colourful coral, making it a must-see destination for lovers of snorkelling, diving and fishing.

The only way to reach the Rowley Shoals is by boat and Ocean Dream is one of only several charter boats taking guests to this remote location. The best time of year to travel is during the “doldrums,” when there is a weather window of light winds and calm sea. Ocean Dream will take a maximum of 12 guests in 6 ensuite staterooms, making the Rowley Shoals the perfect Private Charter destination.

Departure is from Broome around 6pm for an overnight steam. Guests will enjoy a delicious meal prepared by the onboard chef before settling in for the evening. Arrival the next morning to the Rowley Shoals is an adventure in itself as the vessel negotiates a narrow channel at high tide to reach the crystal blue lagoon. Brimming with sea life and prized for its pristine coral gardens, the following 5-7 days will be spent in an extremely remote and unique water wonderland. Departing in the late afternoon on the final day, Ocean Dream will cruise through the night to arrive in Broome the following morning.

Activities Include

  • Diving in coral gardens home to giant clams, Wrasse, Giant Potato Cod, shark and many tropical fish.

  • Snorkelling in lagoons and through channels between the reef that help propel swimmers with gentle currents.

  • Swimming in warm waters that are calm and clear.

  • Fishing for a huge variety of fish including large game fish species like Sail Fish, Marlin, Spanish Mackeral and smaller reef fish like Trout, Cod and Emperors.

  • Exploring Bedwell Island and observing the wildlife inhabitants including one of only two colonies in WA of red tailed tropic birds.

  • Paddle boarding and tender vessel exploration.

  • Relaxing on board the luxurious Ocean Dream and enjoying the service provided by an exceptional crew.